My most significant learning experience

My most significant learning experience in English 2 this year was probably Lynell Chvala’s lecture about assessment and SMART targets, which I found very useful. I have followed her example when it comes to giving concrete and relevant feedback many times since.

Giving good feedback has always been something I have tried to improve, and something that has caused me many headaches. What I found most interesting was the use of SMART targets, which is a very good plan to follow in order to give a good feedback. According to this plan, the feedback (or feedforward) should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time related. The setup Chvala used in her example of how a feedback should be was especially interesting. She started out with a positive comment on what the student had achieved or done particularly well. Then she found one or two specific elements related to content where the student should improve, and gave her two or three suggestions on how to achieve this. Finally she focused on one or two elements related to language, and gave her two or three specific suggestions on how to improve. The common denominator for all the suggestions were that they were specific and relevant, they were measurable and they were achievable for the pupil.

The use of SMART targets has made it easier for me to give good and effective feedback that my pupils are able to understand, and that motivates them to read the feedback in order to improve their writing.